As a family business in the Black Forest, we are firmly rooted in the region and its nature. Environmental care is to us environmentally friendly house keeping, connectedness and caring about nature, and also supporting regional producers and suppliers are in our fundamental principles.


Environmental protection through the power of the sun

With switching to gas-fired cogeneration plants in 2002 we sent our oil-based heating into retirement. In the sunny hours of the day the photovoltaic system delivers with 80 square meters enough power to cope without oil or gas. In addition, 40 square meters of solar thermal tube collectors provide sufficient hot water.

The electricity is fed directly into the grid of EnBW, unused heat from the roof or from the CHP is buffered in two buffers.

These measures ensure efficient use and environmentally friendly daily operation.



Care for and Protection of Nature

Our gardens are planted and operated according to ecological principles. Through the collection of surface water, most of the water demand can be met with environmental regulations.

Much of the required planting and potting soil is obtained from our organic composting.

Through our wide range of beverages in returnable containers, our guests do not rely on one-way or deposit-free bottles.

As Bad Liebenzeller we also feel committed to the care for nature and the cityscape. We support actions of initiatives, associations and administration in order to present you with a top-notch city.



Only the best and fresh from the region

Ulmenhof (Eggs, Milkproducts including cheese, Fruits)

The Ulmenhof cheese dairies and bakery products as well as field vegetables and fruits are cultivated in harmony with nature. The size of the herd of animals corresponding to the grazing area of operation, which uses only its own feed. Also the Ulmenhof is set to alternative energy. During the summer months the entire hot water demand can be covered by a solar thermal system. At the same time warm air is accumulated over a particular design warm to dry hay as feed and stockpile it.

Webseite des Ulmenhofs

Organic Foods: Ernst Heeskens

The organic food shop "Radieschen" von Ernst Heeskens has been chosen best of its kind by magazine „biohandel“. For proprietor Ernst Heeskens organic is a lifestyle. He is fully committed to these principles and behind the products in its range.

Informationen zum Radieschen

Meat and Sausages: Butcher's Holzinger

Homemade specialties such as Black Forest ham and other cured products we get from the local butcher Holzinger. This Master butcher's is also a family business.

Webseite der Metzgerei Holzinger

Bread and Buns: Bakery Pfrommer

From the fermentation of leaven to the finished dough. The traditional bakery Pfrommer manufactures its baked goods without baking mixes or purchase of dough. Daily and freshly made from local products.

By selecting superior products for our breakfast buffet we want to contribute to your vitality and a relaxing day.

Webseite der Bäckerei Pfrommer

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